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Lei Away Splash pg-01.jpg
Lei Away Splash pg-01.jpg
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Aloha! Ticket escape packages are now LIVE!

Check out what's included in the First Class Escape and Coach Class Escape options! 


Anyone who buys an escape package will get early access to purchase/reserve tickets for ALL preboard events, plus a 20% discount on seminars and tastings! Our Take-Off Party on Thursday night is ONLY open to escape package holders! 


Tickets for all events will be made available to the general public on August 1st.

Lei Away - About graphic-01.png

Lei Away is a one-of-a-kind, immersive weekend experience that celebrates the tropical splendor within the Midwest and beyond. 


We strive to create a community where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the tropics while celebrating the culture and true spirit of the islands. Sip on crafted cocktails while taking in themed music, live art exhibitions, vendors, and delicious foods…all designed to whisk you away to your unforgettable mini-vacation! 


Come join us for Kansas City’s first tropical weekend experience and Lei Away!

The Lei of the Land

Lei Away events will take place in two specific neighborhoods of Kansas City - the Crossroads Arts District and North Kansas City. There are a few different event venues in each area. These areas are about 4 miles/8 minutes apart by car. Some events are overlapping/concurrent, but there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to choose their own adventure and make the most of the experience! 

Crossroads Event Venues

North Kansas City Event Venues

Heather Getz

Flight Crew MGR

Bryan Azorsky

Flight Director

Jordan Waterman

Ian Seiter

Johnny Dawbarn

Creative Director

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